Vican Pump Vican PumpsVican Pump,  manufactures Rotary Gear Positive-Displacement Pumps for a variety of fluid-handling applications.

Pump users, engineers and technicians in the fluid-handling industry will find information and technical data about positive – displacement pumping principles as well as general fluid handling information.

Vican Pump is a registered trademark of Viking Pump of Canada Inc., A Unit of IDEX Corporation.

General Purpose Pumps

Vican Pumps General Purpose Vican PumpsSeries 32/432 pumps are designed for handling a variety of fluids while directly connected to nominal speed motors.  The pump is supplied with a time proven mechanical seal to eliminate leakage.  A ball bearing handles thrust loading and is not exposed to liquid pumped.  An integral relief valve can be supplied on request.

Heavy Duty Rotary Gear Pumps

Vican Pumps Heavy Duty Vican PumpsThese Series 190 pumps are designed to operate at nominal motor speeds.  Ball bearings are heavy duty, grease lubricated type, oversized to withstand excessive thrust and radial loads while maintaining perfect shaft and rotor alignment.  Pump is supplied with mechanical seal and “O” ring gasketing. The idler bushing is made of self-lubricating carbon material assuring trouble free operation.  Integral relief valve is standard.

Special Rotary Gear Pumps

Vican Pumps Special Rotary Vican PumpsThe Series 230 jacketed pumps are specifically designed to handle heavy, viscous liquid requiring temperature control to maintain a following state.  Series 230 pumps can be supplied with jacketed casing, head, rotor bearing sleeve and integral relief valve.  Packing gland is multi-ring and can be supplied with special packing for high temperature conditions, when required.

Centrifugal Pumps

Vican Pumps End Suction Centrifugal Vican PumpsThese Series 540 pumps are designed to operate at temperatures up to 250 deg F or 120 deg C.  They have the capacity to 1500 USGPM or 5700 l/min.  The impeller is of a non-clogging type with extra heavy vanes.  The shaft is of high tensile steel accurately machined to ensure proper fit of impeller and bearings.  The casings are vertically split and may rotate every 45 deg from regular top vertical position to facilitate piping.

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