Grindex Pumps GrindexSince 1960 we’ve been dedicated to developing absolutely the best quality electrical submersible pumps – designed without compromise for professional users worldwide. We strive to offer a pump for every need: from drainage to sludge to slurry, in the most challenging environments imaginable.


Whatever the application, there’s a Grindex dewatering pump to meet your needs. They can handle water containing abrasive particles, and can run dry without problems thanks to a unique valve that enables air cooling of the motor – no babysitting needed. To be sure the job gets done, choose Grindex.

Grindex Drainage Pumps Set Grindex


Grindex sludge pumps are intended for water with a high solids content, dealing comfortably with particle sizes up to the diameter of the pump inlet opening. They are ideal for a variety of types of mud and sludge, as well as light slurry.


Our Bravo pumps are specially constructed for pumping slurry and fluids with a high content of abrasive solids. Typical applications include coal and ore slurries, dredging, cleaning of settling ponds, bentonite and coal washing water, among many others.

Corrosive Fluids

Inox is a range of submersible drainage and sludge pumps constructed from stainless steel, capable of handling extremely corrosive fluids with pH values from 2-10. Inox pumps are intended for use in demanding applications such as mines, process industries, fish farms and harbours, which can quickly destroy conventional pumps.

Grindex Corrosive Pumps Grindex

Confined Spaces

Tubo pumps are designed for use in confined spaces (down to 8″). Typical applications include drainage of filter tubes in cohesive soil, dewatering tubular systems, and pile-driving applications.

MSHA Pumps

Mine Permissible Pumps

A completely new generation of MSHA approved dewatering and sludge pumps. Built from the same platform as the dewatering pumps, the eight new pumps in the range have an output of 2-27 HP and are intended for use in gassy mines or tunnels. The MSHA pumps will include many of the new features, such as:

● Improved wet end system providing better wear resistance
● Single impeller adjustment screw for easier impeller trim
● Cartridge seal improves reliability and makes repairs easier and faster

Universal Pump Services
  • In-house engineering
  • Inside and outside sales
  • Complete parts inventory
  • 24 hour service
  • Full system fabrication
  • Repairs and replacements
  • Accepts major credit cards
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